Dublin City University

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Evaluated Courses and UM Equivalencies (Expire 6 years after approval date)

Subject # Title (Credits) Online UM Subject Catalog Credits Expires Backpack
COMM 3301 IREL Intercultural Communication and Leadership (3) INTERHUM 300-level dept 3 HU 09-28-22 Add
EE 202 Embedded System (5) Not Transferable
Looks similar to something between EECS 370 and EECS 373, but is not either. Not acceptable for credit for a CS or CE student.
10-25-22 Add
EE 303 Mobile Robotics (5) Not Transferable
Not EE class. Is a project-based course on robotics/embedded systems. Could be Flex Tech for EE students, not ULEE.
11-02-22 Add
EE 417 Web Application Development (7.5) EECS
With detailed info. on assignments & exams this course could be re-evaluated.
200-level dept 3 11-10-22 Add
EF 209 Financial Management (5) FIN 200-level dept 4 09-28-22 Add
ENVI 3001 IREL Energy Policy and the Environment: Green Energy versus a Green Land (45hr) ENVIRON 300-level dept 3 02-03-23 Add
ENVI 3002 IREL Engineering, Ecology, Social Responsibility, and Society (45hr) ENVIRON 300-level dept 3 02-28-23 Add
ENVI 3003 IREL Sustainability and Renewable Energy in Ireland (45hr) Not Transferable to MECHENG
Not MECHENG 433 or MECHENG Dept. credit. This is a seminar course and is not a ME technical course.
02-22-23 Add
ENVI 3003 IREL Sustainability and Renewable Energy in Ireland (45hr) ENVIRON 300-level dept 3 02-28-23 Add
HIST 3001 The Shaping of Modern Ireland (3) HISTORY 300-level dept 3 HU 03-15-24 Add
MS 200 Linear Algebra and Vectors (5) MATH
Omits spectral theorem, and it isn't clear what they do with vector spaces and subspaces.
200-level dept 5 10-11-22 Add

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