Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Conversion Scale: ECTS/2, Contact hours/15, or some credit hours/1.5, credits may vary based on syllabus/transcript

Evaluated Courses and UM Equivalencies (Expire 6 years after approval date)

Subject # Title (Credits) Online UM Subject Catalog Credits Expires Backpack
Digital Circuits (6) Not Transferable
Possible EECS 270 credit depending on your major. This course is not optimal for EECS majors.
02-23-22 Add
Digital Signal Processing (6) EECS
This is a basic course in Digital Signal Processing, like our EECS 351 (not EECS 216).
Equivalency expires soon. Submit for reevaluation.
351 4 10-30-21 Add
Electronics 2 (7) EECS 300-level dept 3 03-21-22 Add
Engineering Design Team Project (5 ECTS) Not Transferable to ME
This course is not equivalent to any MECHENG courses. ME 250 design and manufacturing courses teach core principles. None of these are covered in this course. No dept credit given.
Equivalency expires soon. Submit for reevaluation.
11-13-21 Add
N/A 8 Aeronautical Engineering Research Project (8 ECTS) Not Transferable
The project technical content, student work and grading are important information for evaluating this course. Insufficient information for review.
11-17-22 Add
Numerical Mathematics (5) MATH
UM MATH 471 is a 3 credit course.
471 3 03-16-22 Add
Plant Engineering and Project Management (2 courses) (64hr) IOE
This can be posted as either IOE 200-level (4cr) or IOE 400-level (2cr). Please specify which is preferred by consulting your advisor. For IOE students: This can be either 4 credits of free electives or 2 credits of IOE tech electives.
04-26-22 Add
Signals & Systems 1 (6) EECS 216 3 03-21-22 Add
Solar Energy - PV Systems (5) ENVIRON 400-level dept 4 04-26-22 Add
Solar Energy Converter (5) Not Transferable to EECS 03-28-22 Add
Solar Energy Converter (5) MATSCIE 200-level dept 3 03-25-22 Add
Sustainable Energy Economics (5) ECON
Equivalency expires soon. Submit for reevaluation.
300-level dept 4 SS 10-19-21 Add

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