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Evaluated Courses and UM Equivalencies (Expire 6 years after approval date)

Subject # Title (Credits) Online UM Subject Catalog Credits Expires Backpack
BUS1 020 Financial Accounting (3) ACC 200-level dept 3 04-23-26 Add
BUS5 144 Supply Chain Management (3) BA 100-level dept 3 04-30-26 Add
BUS5 187 Global Dimensions of Business (3) BA 200-level dept 3 04-21-26 Add
CS 042 Discrete Mathematics (3) Not Transferable
Please submit additional materials to Including a detailed syllabus, examples of assignments or exams.
06-02-26 Add
CS 49C Programming in C++ (3) EECS
Credit for only one: EECS 183 or ENGR 101. This course has no Matlab. Check with your program advisor about attending an online or on-campus Matlab tutorial before enrolling in courses that assume knowledge of Matlab.
183 3 04-10-23 Add
MATH 123 Differential equations and linear algebra (3) MATH
MATH 216 if taken prior to 3/6/15. Updated to MATH 200-level dept. The course appears to omit significant components such as analysis of, linearization of, and phase plane analysis of autonomous nonlinear systems.
200-level dept 3 12-31-24 Add
PHYS 051 General Physics/Electricity and Magnetism (5) PHYSICS 240/241 3/1 06-01-23 Add
POLS 004 Introduction to International Relations (3) POLSCI 160 3 04-23-26 Add
WOMS 102 The Global Study of Women (3) WOMENSTD 200-level dept 3 HU 04-16-26 Add

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