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Evaluated Courses and UM Equivalencies (Expire 6 years after approval date)

Subject # Title (Credits) Online UM Subject Catalog Credits Expires Backpack
CPS 165 Modern Website Design (3) EECS
In Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver.
200-level dept 3 03-20-24 Add
CPS 180 Principles of Comp Programming (3) ENGR
Equivalency expires soon. Submit for reevaluation.
101 3 05-06-20 Add
CPS 181 Introduction to Data Structures (3) See Notes
For possible EECS 200-level dept credit, please submit assignments and exams to engincredit@umich.edu
02-19-24 Add
CPS 210 Assembly Language and Computer Organization (3) See Notes
Covers 25% of EECS 370, 10% of EECS 373. Can be EECS 200-level dept. credit if not majoring in EECS. No credit for EECS major or someone taking EECS 370 or EECS 373.
02-19-24 Add
CPS 240 Object-Oriented Programming (3) EECS 285 2 04-02-24 Add
CPS 280C Alternative Programming Languages (C++) (3) EECS
Course in C++. Credit for only one: EECS 183 or ENGR 101. This course has no Matlab. Check with your program advisor about attending an online or on-campus Matlab tutorial before enrolling in courses that assume knowledge of Matlab.
183 3 03-14-24 Add
EGR 190 Digital Circuits (3)
Exams & labs are needed for reevaluation. Based on previously submitted information this course is unlikely to be equivalent to EECS 270, but we need more information for review.
07-30-21 Add
EGR 251 Engineering Statics (3) Not Transferable to CEE 211 or dept.
Not CEE 211 by itself. Covers only Statics. It would need to be combined with a dynamics course.
06-05-21 Add
EGR 251 Engineering Statics (3) Not Transferable to ME
Not transferable to ME. No departmental credit.
06-22-21 Add
EGR 253 Engineering Dynamics (3)
Possible combination with EGR 251 "Engineering Statics", we need homework & a syllabus for review.
06-08-21 Add
MTH 132 Calculus I (4) MATH 115 4 05-11-21 Add
MTH 133 Calculus II (4) MATH 116 4 12-16-20 Add
MTH 175 Discrete Mathematics (3) MATH
Course does not match any MATH course offered at UM
200-level dept 12-31-24 Add
MTH 232 Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (3) MATH
Provided information is insufficient to evaluate the course as equivalent to the University of Michigan mathematics course. Other information such as a detailed topic list or exams should be submitted, directly to Math Dept.
200-level dept 3 12-31-24 Add
MTH 233 Calculus III (4) MATH
There is not enough time spent on surface integrals, Stokes Theorem and Divergence Theorem (this class covers these in 4 hours, we require 8 hours).
200-level dept 4 12-31-25 Add
MTH 334 Differential Equations (3) MATH
Course omits nonlinear systems.
200-level dept 3 03-27-23 Add
PHY 145 University Physics I (4) PHYSICS
Equivalency expired! Submit for reevaluation.
140 4 01-05-18 Add
PHY 332 Electricity and Magnetism (3) PHYSICS
Equivalency expired! Submit for reevaluation.
405 3 11-14-19 Add
REL 101 World Religions: An Introduction to the Study of Religion (4) RELIGION 201 3 HU 04-17-21 Add

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