Baker College

Location: Flint, MI

Conversion Scale: Was Quarter System. Divide credit by 1.5. 6=4, 5=3.33, 4 = 2.67, 2=1.33. Changed in Aug 2017.

General Notes: Multiple locations listed here. Port Huron, Owosso, Flint, Clinton Township, Cadillac, Auburn Hills

Evaluated Courses and UM Equivalencies (Expire 6 years after approval date)

Subject # Title (Credits) Online UM Subject Catalog Credits Expires Backpack
CS 101 Principles of Computer Science (4) Not Transferable 07-11-23 Add
CS 111 Introduction to Programming (4) Not Transferable 07-11-23 Add
ISE 311 Manufacturing Processes (4) Not Transferable
Not Transferable to MATSCIE 220
Equivalency expired! Submit for reevaluation.
06-01-18 Add
ME 101 Engineering Graphics (4) Not Transferable
Equivalency expired! Submit for reevaluation.
06-06-18 Add
MTH 1510 Calculus I (4) MATH
Provided information is insufficient to evaluate the course as equivalent to the University of Michigan mathematics course. For reevaluation requests, submit detailed topics list or exams directly to U-M Math Department.
100-level dept 4 12-31-25 Add
MTH 2510 Calculus II (4) MATH 116 4 12-31-25 Add
MTH 261 Linear Algebra (4) Not Transferable
Equivalency expired! Submit for reevaluation.
06-01-18 Add
SCI 215 Integrated Physics (4) Not Transferable
This is an algebra-based intro physics course. Engineering students need calculus based to be considered for transfer.
05-22-23 Add
SCI 251, 252, 253 General Physics I, II, & III () PHYSICS
All courses must be taken to receive direct course equivalency. Individually, courses are PHYSICS departmental credit only.
140/141/240/241 05-22-23 Add

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