Jena University of Applied Sciences (Ernst Abbe Hochschule Jena)

Location: Jena, Thuringen, Germany

General Notes: Formerly called Fachhochschule Jena.

Evaluated Courses and UM Equivalencies (Expire 6 years after approval date)

Subject # Title (Credits) Online UM Subject Catalog Credits Expires Backpack
ET.1.104.2 Algorithms and data structures (4) EECS 200-level dept 4 04-11-25 Add
ET.1.305 Digital Systems (4) EECS
Student could consider taking U-M EECS 270 lab during a regular semester, also.
200-level dept 4 04-22-25 Add
ET.1.404 Electrical Drives (4) EECS
Dept credit, but only if student doesn't also have EECS 419 credit.
400-level dept 4 04-22-25 Add
ET.1.408 Introduction in Communication Engineering (4) EECS 200-level dept 4 04-22-25 Add
ET.1.902 Power Electronics (4) EECS 418 4 04-22-25 Add
ET.1.908 Selected Sections on Analogue Circuitry (4) EECS 311 4 04-22-25 Add
ET.2.100 Stochastics () Not Transferable 04-23-25 Add

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